The ELECTRIC Bike Dealer Difference !

Many bicycle dealers are now selling electric bikes.  

Would you go to the local bike shop for a motorcycle, 4-wheeler or boat ? Certainly you would not. 

So why would you go to a regular bike shop for something as complicated as an electric bicycle?

 Sure they are trained and yes, we have to sit through those 4hr classes so we can become "Certified Service Centers" also. 

These classes are no more than a basic plug the bike into the computer here, replace the motor by removing these 3 bolts, use this number to call a tech if the computer doesn't tell you whats wrong.     

 ( No test involved )

I'm pretty sure I can sit through a Da Vinci Robotic surgery course.

 Would you like me to remove some of your brain now! 

Ask your local bike shop guys to explain real things that matter like watt hrs vs amp hrs vs voltage and why they matter. 

Ask them the difference between a resistor, diode or capacitor. Ask them what type of cells are in their batteries and if you could see one. 

Ask them about the 3 most popular types of motors used in the E-bike industry today and the differences. 

Ask if they can show you the different types.

Oh and then to top that off ask if you could ride the different types to see which may suit you best. 

When you are finished you may then stop by our location in Manheim.

A dealer where you can see, touch and ride them all. 

We have the experience and knowledge in our industry. 

The Electric Bicycle Dealer !  

There is a big difference!